Pre Autumn Winter ’18

A-TEAM Sports Bra/Grey Marl SIX-EIGHT w/Stripe Leggings/Grey Marl HI Sports Bra/Black LIMITLESS NIGHT leggings/BlackDRIFT Technical Jacket/Charcoal Marl DRIFT Shorts/Charcoal MarlCOLLEGE PRESS Hoodie/Blue Marl DANDER Trackpants/Blue Marl SNUG Crop Jumper/Blue DANDER Trackpants/Blue MarlSPRING Tee/Blue Marl DANDER Trackpants/Blue MarlTUCK Cropped Tee/White SCULPT Leggings/NavyZING Sports Bra/Blue Marl BLACKOUT Leggings/Navy MarlZING Sports Bra/Blue Marl BLACKOUT Leggings/Navy MarlSNUG Cropped Jumper/Pale Blue EIGHT EIGHT Leggings/NavySNUG Cropped Jumper/Pale Blue EIGHT EIGHT Leggings/NavyLOTUS Sports Bra/Navy LIMITLESS NIGHT leggings/NavyA-TEAM Sports Bra/Navy Marl SIX EIGHT w/Stripe Leggings/Navy MarlWARM UP Tank/White COOL DOWN Cropped Trackpants/Grey Marl PUNCHY Jumpsuit/GreyLOTUS Sports Bra/Navy DRIFT Shorts/Charcoal MarlA-TEAM Sports Bra/Blue Mustard BLACKOUT Leggings/Blue Marl
CHEER Cropped Tank/Navy EIGHT EIGHT Leggings/NavyPUNCHY Jumpsuit/NavyEAGLE Sports Bra/Blue Mustard COOL DOWN Cropped Trackpants/Navy
WARM UP Tank/Blue Marl COOL DOWN Cropped Trackpants/Navy SPRIGHT Jacket/Blue Mustard MOTION Leggings/Blue MustardSPRIGHT Jacket/Blue Mustard MOTION Leggings/Blue MustardSNUG Cropped Jumper/Navy Motion Leggings/Blue Mustard DOUBLE HAPPINESS Jumper/Mustard EIGHT EIGHT Leggings/NavyTRIGGER Sports Bra/Blue Mustard MOTION Leggings/Blue MustardSPRIGHT Jacket/Navy MOTION Leggings/NavyTRIGGER Sports Bra/Navy MOTION Leggings/NavyTRIGGER Sports Bra/Navy MOTION Leggings/NavyTUCK Cropped Tee/Grey Marl DANDER Tackpants/Grey Marl COLLEGE PRESS Hoodie/Grey Marl SIX EIGHT w/Stripe/Navy MarlEAGLE Sports Bra/Navy DANDER Trackpants/Grey MarlA-TEAM Sports Bra/Grey Marl SIX-EIGHT w/Stripe Leggings/Grey Marl HI Sports Bra/Black LIMITLESS NIGHT leggings/Black

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