About Us

LNDR Vortex Leggings



Based in East London; with a team from all over the world, the name LNDR comes from the abbreviation of Londoner.

The brand was created in 2015 by Joanna Turner, Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris, to cater to the busy energetic London lifestyle. Where people want their clothes to transition through all the different aspects of their lives. The aim is to produce technical active wear with premium fabrications and a clean aesthetic; clothes that feel so good on, they have the ability to enhance your every day.

Our product is the centre of everything we do. The central idea starts with function and form. Seams and panels follow muscle lines or movement points that bend. The product development is considered in a way to cradle muscles, slim physiques and open up movement points; then styled with tonal and clean fresh colours to create a sophisticated, relaxed look. Things that you can wear all day, every day, doing what makes you feel good.

Here at LNDR we set ourselves apart by existing within Four Core Values;

ALL OF THE THINGS / We enjoy taking part in all of the things – We work hard, we work out, we socialise, we travel, we play up and we turn up. No one is precious about what fits inside their role – we do all of the things, when necessary. We have the same attitude towards our products – Comfort, fit, function and style in all our pieces.

WE LIVE IT / We live the lifestyle our product exists within. We believe in the power of a healthy and active lifestyle to make you live a happier and more energetic life.

ASK WHY / We Never stop looking for a better solution. Keep experimenting to keep creating. We challenge traditional methods and strive for logical and creative thinking to find the best way. In design and business practice we continually strive to find a better way.

NO BULLS*IT / No flowery over-statements or vague non-actionable strategies. We come with solutions not problems and proof over theories or standard practice. We value our positive, casual atmosphere and attitude, and believe in getting things done over dress codes, strict hours and hierarchy.

With a global reach in over 20 countries. LNDR is stocked in Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Matches, Nordstrom, Lane Crawford, Beams, Le Bon Marche and many more.




LNDR Hustle Sports Bra